Vertigo -- a TI-59 emulator

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Vertigo is a TI-59 emulator. It already runs sophisticated programs such as "Codebreaker" from the Personal Programming manual, "Zeros of functions" from the Master Library and "Biorhythm" from the Leisure Library. In the next few months we plan to refine Vertigo so it is able to run virtually any program written for the TI-59.


To run Vertigo, you will need a Java1.1-enabled browser. We have been running Vertigo successfully under Windows 98, ME and 2000, using Netscape 4 and Internet Explorer 4 and 5. At this point, we cannot guarantee it will run in other platforms. If you have problems (or want to share a success story) please make sure you email me at, specifying the computer and browser you are using.


The screenshot on the right shows Vertigo running the "Biorhythm" program from the Leisure Library. In the right part of the panel, you can see the plotting on the printer of the biorhythm levels in 3 categories: physically, intellectually and emotionally. The left part of the panel represents the calculator.

To do list

Though Vertigo is already able to run complex programs, it has room for improvement. Here is a list of the main features that need to be implemented:

  • Conversion (P->R, D.MS) and statistical operations.
  • Special "Op" operations (Op 00 through 06 and 20 through 39 are already implemented)
  • Complete printer support ("Prt", "Adv" and alphanumeric printing are already implemented)
  • Module support.
  • A way of saving and loading programs and data.


For more information about the TI-59, especially if you wonder "what is a TI-59 in the first place", we suggest and There is no extensive information on the web about programming the TI-59 but you can get started by reading the TI59 Programming Guide which shows how to write a simple program.